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You Got Your New Dog


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Product Description

You know that pristine white carpet? Would you mind just doing this for us: Put on some boots, walk around in the mud and then stomp across your living room for about 2½ hours. Maybe jump on the sofa a few times for good measure. Yup, that’s what it’s like when there’s a new dog in the house.

But who really cares about a carpet or the sofa when there’s a new dog? You know what else makes people forget about the carpet? The bursting heart, silly dog-smile at the front door. We forgive their flaws more readily than we forgive any human’s. And they love us plainly, unconditionally.

To help out with this new, lovable family member, we’ve sniffed out a few essential items.

Included in this kit:

Our “Time for my treat” mug
One absolutely adorable dog toy to keep the pooch occupied
One roll of doggie doo-doo bags to help with dog-walking duty
One helpful training clicker
Delectable doggie treats
Our quick-start instruction card

(kit size: 8” x 6” x 4”)


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